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Tuesday, 4. November 2008

SOA at Deutsche Post

Deutsche Post is THE company which implemented SOA the first time, they started 1998 after market deregulation of postal services.
Now 480.000 employees its one of the biggest logistics companies of the world

Today the Deutsche Post exposes 160 services with SOA, which you might regard as low.
Here comes in the definition of "Service" they have:

A service is a business capability, a single "Dienstleistung" and there is no difference between a Dienstleistung and a SOA Service.

Now they opened their SOA Infrastructure Code and made a own Company developing it further: Sopera GmbH

As Marc Donges from Sopera says: "MDA is the universal formula, the crucial technology for SOA"

SOA means building an internal market for competing components. When a Service is built, it interface gets registered at an internal UDDI, LDAP, Wiki etc. along with an SLA

How many consumers choose the very service gets published too. We will measure the sucess of the service by this figure. And the Service Team should advertise their service.

SOA is full separation of concerns.

SOA projects can start with >=5 developer
SOA Governance as Service Map (Dienstleistungslandkarte)
SOA Gov needs Check & Balances (Gewaltentrennung)

Start SOA with a singe small project that has business value
Use free competition of the services